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Hiya everyone,
My name is Edward and I am the new proud owner of the SeaHawk, C-auk.

A bit about myself,
I'm 14 and have been sailing the broads since I was around 7. I started off in Toppers but quickly moved up to a knackered old 420! It was a big step but I grew to love it and learnt so much from it! After that, my mum got into sailing and fell in love with Darts (specifically Dart 18's) I then subsequently learnt to sail and enjoy them too. Then after about 4 years of teaching myself and gaining confidence i started to venture into the yachty side of things. I always had a passion for yachts and similar craft and loved watching the traditional gaff riggers sail by the club House. (As I forgot to say earlier, I learnt to and still do sail on Hickling Broad.)

Anyway, as my 14th birthday was approaching (December)  I spotted a certain boat called a Seahawk for sale on Facebook  Marketplace listed under the ownership
Of Adam Turner. After quite some chatting over the phone and various other conversations,
I grew to love the fact of owning this boat and being able to sail it around the broads and camp overnight. However, the conversations then came to a stop as it was said that someone else had bought her. This then came apparent that it was bought as a present for me on my birthday by my mother! I was absolutely over the moon and couldn't wait to get sailing the boat!

Anyway, since then I have had lots of amazing trips up river and sailing on the broads and can't wait for the rest of this season and many more to come!

Either way, I thought this group would be perfect for sharing/discussing and getting info about parts and other things etc.

And hopefully this gives some insight to who I am.  
Happy sailing everyone!!!
GregSeaHawk GregSeaHawk
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Re: Edward James

Welcome Edward,

Great to have you join us - and finally to post your introduction.

I've got 60 years on you but also have fond memories of the 420 dinghy. If you do a search on my GregAfloat site you'll find mention of them. Back in 1966 I learnt to sail in Chichester Harbour and the Council's Adventure Centre there used them and Enterprises. I far preferred 420s. They came up dry when you capsized them!

Unfortunately, I sold my SeaHawk in 2018 after owning her for 14 years, but I had great times aboard her. (My Dad had one too, but he sold it in about 1980.)

C-Auk is, I think, the only Pyecraft built SeaHawk I recall going aboard. You should find one or two photos of your boat somewhere on the site.

I've upgraded you to "Member". That should mean you can post virtually everywhere on the site now.
Greg Chapman
GregAfloat - My Boating Biography