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Finding The Right Search Terms

I just looked at a report that I receive of the search terms used on the site over the last three months. Amongst the 50 terms on the list are:

Heaving to
Heave  to

The first three were entered within a minute of each other around 02:40 one morning and the last two, within 15 seconds at 04:45 the same morning. I'm guessing that those searches were made by the same person and given the time of day not probably not by someone in the UK and, maybe, anywhere in Europe.

I have just tried the same searches and apart from the last one, which produces a nil result, the others all provide links to the same two pages. One of these contains a reference to the effort needed to raise the 70lb keel of a SeaHawk and the other includes this sentence. "She was well behaved when heaving too".

It made me wonder what kind of result the searcher was hoping to find. The repeated searches using very similar terms suggest to me they felt they were on the right track but just needed something with a little more detail on the topic.

As a webmaster, I keen to provide content that people find useful and relevant to their interest, but I'm not sure what there is to be said about a SeaHawk and its performance and abilities to be "parked without anchoring" as one reference I found puts it.

Can anyone report on their experience of heaving to in a SeaHawk or, on another tack, what kind of detail or issue might the searcher have in mind that might make a SeaHawk perform differently to any other similar craft?
Greg Chapman
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