LISTING ENDED - Sisters: Oban, Argyll

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LISTING ENDED - Sisters: Oban, Argyll

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Noticed on eBay.

Starting Price £300. No bids yet!
Auction Closes: 07 Jul, 2019 10:29:58 BST

Search for "Sisters" and you'll find several mentions of her on the site.

In fact I hid a couple of posts on the forum, in a "Cruise Logs" area which, for some reason I can't entirely justify, I hid a few years ago!

(I think it was because the other author didn't say much more than "I've launched my boat", which didn't count as a cruise to my mind and then no one else offered cruise reports, so I closed it down because of a lack of popularity.)

The reports tell of a "shake down" cruise by the then new owner on Loch Lomond in 2011 and how wonderfully effective the Inboard engine was.

Ask and I'll make the reports visible again!
Greg Chapman
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