Making the Most of "My Boat"

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Making the Most of "My Boat"

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Only those who already have a folder dedicated to their boat in the My Boat area of the forum can post new messages in the section.

A folder will be provided for you once you have posted a couple of photos of your own boat in the Gallery area of the forum.

You can use your own "My Boat" folder as your personal SeaHawk Forum. Only you will be able to post new topics. Others may only reply to what you post.

Once created, you can change the way your forum presents your posts by changing its "application type". There are a range of types available and some can dramatically change the presentation of your posts. See the example Just 17 folder. This is a "Mixed" application that contains a further folder that is a "Gallery" application.

To change the application type of your folder, or any sub-folder your create, navigate to it, then choose OPTIONS > APPLICATION > CHANGE APPLICATION. This presents a screen with a number of application types. It is best to experiment with these until you find one you like, as the descriptions provided are difficult to interpret without seeing them in action.

I hope these notes encourage you to create your own folder and show off your boat in any way you choose.
Greg Chapman
GregAfloat - My Boating Biography