Pictures of the trailer i modified, with docking arms to help launching and recovery.

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Posted by ozzy ozzy
The original trailer was from a canoe club.
It had no docking arms or bow post and was just basic a triangle shape.

Before picking up the Seahawk from Norfolk (i live in Manchester, so it was a full day to pick up!) i reinforced the 'bed' of the trailer with 3" x 2" box section steel.

Also put adjustable position bow post and stub keel supports on, because i was not sure where exactly the balance point of the Seahawk would be.

Below is a picture of it on the trailer.

After a couple of launches, i found that there was a problem getting the boat lined up centrally on the trailer. This was particularly difficult with a cross-tide flow.

Where i sail, at Glasson on the Lune esuary, the tide can run quite quick, so i needed to position accurately - first time!

This is why i put two sets of docking arms on.
To recover is so easy, just submerge the trailer's top (horizontal) rails
and drive in the 'slot' formed by the docking arms until the bow touches at the front!

there are two pairs of arms, the white forward arms, and the square section rear arms.

i'll put some more info and pics here soon!