Registering, Membership and Posting Rights

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Registering, Membership and Posting Rights

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Anyone can view this forum, but you need to register to be able to post in it.

Once you are Registered (i.e. have received the automated email and have clicked on the link in contained in it) you can post in the Forum Issues and Introduce Yourself areas.

Further stages of membership are not automated and may take a little time, so you are asked to be patient.

After posting a message in the Introduce Yourself section, with your real name as the subject, it will be pinned in alphabetical order, and you will be granted full Member posting rights - unless that message indicated your only interest in the forum is to sell your boat. In that case you are granted Seller status.

(The purpose of the introductory message is intended both to prevent access by spammers and create a more friendly atmosphere in the forum. I hope you understand.)

As a Member you may:
- Post and reply to messages in almost all areas of the forum.

- Send Private Messages to other registered users of the forum. Note that the forum software cloaks a user's real email address so that remains private to all except the forum administrators.

- Create your own "mini forum" within the My Boat area. Once a new "My Boat" forum has been created your membership will be further upgraded. (Another manual process, so please be patient!) With MyBoat membership then:

Within your sub-forum, you may:
# Create a New Topic
  (You can't do this unless you are a member of the MyBoat group)
# Change the date of a post
  (In case you write today about something you did last month!)
# Pin Topics
  (Force them to the top of your postings and arrange them in order)
# Lock Topics
  (Prevent replies from being made)
Ordinary members will be able to reply to your posts, but nothing more.

There's more information about how you can customise a My Boat folder at Making the Most of "My Boat".

As a Seller you may only post and reply in the For Sale area of the forum.
Greg Chapman
GregAfloat - My Boating Biography