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SOLD - Just 17 #267: Nr Stalham, Norfolk

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SOLD - 8 Sep 2018

The buyers collected Just 17 at 13:00 on Saturday 8 September to take her to her new home at Blakeney on the Norfolk coast.
As with the viewing, the whole family, Mum, Dad, three daughters and ship's dog were all present as I talked through last minute details, almost forgetting to give them the wooden chest containing the anchors that I'd never used. Overall a really enjoyable sale experience, if tinged with a little sadness for me, as Just 17 held a special place in my life.
I am really optimistic that Just 17 will deliver all they are looking for in their new boat.

The time has come! I haven't sailed her in five years, so my beloved Just 17 is for sale!

This is a lovingly maintained classic Reedcraft-built example of a SeaHawk estimated to have been built in 1974. It has modest customisations to suit single handed weekend cruises on the Norfolk Broads. She is being sold with her trailer and a comprehensive inventory accumulated over 14 years of ownership.

Looking round her you will see...


Just 17 Just 17 is being sold with her trailer and a comprehensive inventory. (Photo: 7 July 2018)

Just 17 Just 17 is currently lying ashore in the village of East Ruston. (Photo: 7 July 2018)

You'll notice the freshly applied anti-foul. The boat name is found along with a SeaHawk logo on the cockpit "wings". These are both black as is the finish to the the window frames, which then compliments the smoke coloured polycarbonate windows. The dark windows help with security when looking in but appears near clear from the inside.

A tabernacle is fitted, together with additional fittings on the foredeck, to allow quick release of the forestay to make it as easy as possible to lower the mast for passing under bridges.

Just 17 - The Solar Panel The solar panel is brand new and fitted in July 2018. (Photo: 8 July 2018)

The solar panel, mounted on the foredeck hatch, charges an 85 AH battery found in the cabin. The rubbing strakes on the gunwales match the cockpit locker hatches. The starboard locker hatch has a cutaway corner that allows the cable from my Minn Kota 55lb thrust electric outboard motor to be connected. (The motor is not included in the price, but could be available separately.)

In The Cabin...

Just 17 - The Cabin Looking forward in Just 17's cabin. (Photo: 8 July 2018)

The first thing to notice is the lack of shelving above the bunks, found in most SeaHawks. The cushions in Just 17 have Velco on the backs that allow them to grip the carpet that runs up the hull sides. Some people have questioned the carpet tiles laid on the floor, but they are easy to lift if you are curious about whether there is any water in the bilges. I've never needed to give more than a single dab with a sponge to remove the condensation that drains into the bilges.

Just 17 - The Cabin Looking aft in Just 17's cabin. (Photo: 8 July 2018)
To make up for the lack of over bunk shelves there some either side of the cabin door.

Stowing the Cabin Door The lack of the standard backrest shelves provides perfect stowage for the two piece cabin door! (Photo: March 2009)

Just 17 - The Galley The shelf beneath the cooker is capable of storing two 5ltr water carriers and more! (Photo: April 2009)

To port, forward of the bulkheads, there is a home built galley designed to replicate the standard one supplied as an extra on the two berth boat. This features Formica-type work surfaces and a stainless steel bowl. Just 17's inventory includes crockery and cutlery to serve four (with some spares)! The range of shelving above the cooker is designed to hold much of this together with some of a weekend's suppllies. There is a removable shelf that runs across the width of the cabin that can act as both a serving area or draining board.

The Cabin - To Starboard, Forward of the Bulkheads The removable shelf can be stored to starboard supported by the upper shelf also designed to secure a Porta Potti. (Photo: April 2009)

To starboard the run of low level shelving has three separate lifting hatches. The height of this was set such that it will both act as a convenient seat when cooking and forward creates a secure platform on which to stand when lifting the mudweight out of its storage bin and throwing it overboard.

The scalloping to the upper shelf is designed to grip the Porta Potti. I was surprised to find that no other support was needed regardless of the degree of heel either way when it was stowed in this position. In spite of that, generally when cruising, I chose to keep it on a berth under the cockpit.

The Electrics

The New Charge Controller The original Charge Controller failed. This one is brand new! Fitted July 2018! (Photo: 7 July 2018)

Control Panel and Battery Box The Control Panel and Battery Box. (Photo: 7 July 2018)

The battery contained in the battery box is brand new! It replaced the old one during preparation for sale after it was discovered the charge controller had failed, also taking out the solar panel. A total of some £150 has been spent in order to return the boat to the condition it was when last used by me.

The control panel includes, on the right, the isolator switch for the "domestic" electrics, a standard 12v "cigar lighter" socket, to which I keep fitted a USB converter plug and switch of the navigation lights. These were fitted after my last successful attempt at the three rivers race and before my last Boat Safety Certificate inspection was carried out, so is known to meet the required standard.

Maintenance History:

2004: I bought Just 17 on Easter Day at Rutland Water, where she had been based for a couple of years. You can read about my purchase on my rather lapsed GregAfloat site, when she was then known as "Imagination".

After a period of temporary cover and as I couldn't tell its age my insurance company required that I replaced all the standing rigging. This was done by Jeckells. (The man who fitted it was the same guy who had fitted out all SeaHawks built by both Reedcraft and Moores.)

2005: I commissioned a tabernacle from Marine Weld, the original supplier of all SeaHawk steel work. I also replaced the windows with new polycarbonate.

2006: I ordered a new set of sails from Jeckells the original supplier. the period 2006-2009 also saw the gradual development of the fittings forward of the cabin bulkheads.

2010: I fitted additional electrics providing a charging point for phone or tablet and navigation lights (so I wouldn't need temporary ones for the Three Rivers Race).

2011: I spent much of the summer stripping her back to the gel coat (which turned out to be in remarkably good condition) ready for her to be professionally painted with two-pack paint. The various non-slip patches were all fitted to the original Reedcraft pattern. This was also when she was re-named as "Just 17" and the name and SeaHawk logo added to the cockpit "wings". Anyone who knows the first verse of the first song on the first side of the first LP by the Beatles will recall "I Saw Her Standing There" and apart from having to substitute the words "dance with" in the first verse for "sail in" you have the reason for the name.

2012: This was the last season when she was in the water. Her Boat Safety Certificate is now expired, but I have every confidence that no additional work will be required to get her a new one if you need it for the waters where you will take Just 17.


Absolutely, everything, except the shingle, that is visible in the photographs below is included in the sale.

Just 17 - The Inventory Inventory - Part 1 (Photo: 7 July 2018)

The two 4ft square sheets of plywood are what remains from the various cabin shelving I installed in the cabin. One sheet is 6mm, the other 9mm thick. There are smaller off cuts hidden under the remains of the Formica sheeting I bought. This should be useful if you plan to extend the shelving in the cabin. It had been my plan to add more to starboard.

There's a variety of fenders The blue one is punctured, but I found it gave adequate protection, when placed between the boat and quay heading on her mooring. The red and white tape, is a memento of my successful completion of the Three Rivers Race!

At the back of the left plywood sheet there are the old shrouds, which look as good to me as they ever did. There's even a bilge pump half hidden there. I never did understand why the previous owner needed such kit. The only water I have ever found in the bilges has been condensation from cooking the previous evening's meal!

Front and centre are two old ice cream containers with their contents spilled out. These contain a host of stainless nuts, bolts and washers and other minor pieces of chandlery acquired over the years, including a stock of sherry bottle corks which I find act as very acceptable bungs in the cockpit drains! In fact, I discovered a third container with more of the same after I took this photo.

On the right side, is my trailer lighting board, in front of which lies the crude prop I use to support the mast when under tow. Towards the back are a bag of filler and glass fibre sheet used for various minor repairs over the years. To its right is a wooden chest in which I store the two anchors, lengths of chain and rope that being a broads sailor I have never needed but came with the boat.

Just 17 - The Inventory Inventory - Part 2 (Photo: 7 July 2018)

On the same two sheets of hardboard as in the first photo are displayed a bucket containing half used cans of paint, stripper and anti-foul. Around it are self adhesive letters to spell "35N", the boat's Broads registration number, and instruction manuals for the solar panel.

To the right of the bucket is the original Jeckells sail bag containing the original sails. To its right again are racing and cruising burgees and race protest flags, my one and only extra length tiller, telescopic mop and telescopic boat hook, length of spare sail batten with end caps. Just in front is the main sheet.

Going right again is the jib purchased in 2006. In front of that is a sail by "Flyde" that came with the boat when I bought it. This is a little bigger than the genoa that I recall that my father had on his SeaHawk. I have only used it once (Read all about that at: It really needs some six inches taken off the foot and it would make an excellent SeaHawk sail as it is in remarkably good condition.

Under the over-sized genoa is the sail bag that my replacement sails came in. Just behind that is a boom cover, that I have never used and is another item that came with the boat. On top of it is an electric hook-up cable. I bought that in 2011 to power the tools I was using while I had the boat at a local yard while preparing the boat for its repaint.

The remaining items are four life jackets and a one-piece sailing suit, all of which were part of the boat's package when I bought her. My 14 stone six foot frame just about fits into the suit but, apart from testing for size, I have never worn. Of the life jackets, the two adult sized ones are in excellent condition, while the child and toddler sized jackets are a little grubby.

Just 17 - The Inventory Inventory - Part 3 (Photo: 7 July 2018)

To the left is the Porta Potti, complete with an unopened pouch of sachets to put in the waste tank, and an inflatable pillow - still inflated after five years!

The house-keeping kit include, on the right board, a first aid kit and dustpan and brush

Cooking equipment and utensils includes, a Camping Gaz stove plus one part used and four unused gas canisters, a set of stacking camping style saucepans, a chopping board, two silicone heat resistant mats, a ladle, slice and bread knife.

Food storage equipment includes two 5ltr water carriers, an assortment of plastic containers in which I used for tea, coffee, sugar, cereal, rice, spaghetti, pre-cooked dishes, intended as my evening meal - you get the picture!

Tableware (if only there was a table) includes enough crockery and ccutlery for a minimum of four people.

Other items you may spot include a set of maps of the local rivers and broads and instruction manuals for the new electrical kit, three insulted mugs (two of which are stainless steel), two brand new mug/can holders, which I always planned to fit in the cockpit after my last attempt at the Three Rivers!

Other items that I realise I should have taken photographs of, include the mast, boom and mainsail. There are also some ratchet straps to hold the boat on the trailer, and a wheel clamp to protect the trailer from being stolen - not to mention a the spare wheel for the trailer!

Apart from an outboard motor, the only equipment that I am aware of that you may need, is a pair of new padlocks for the cabin door.

I used to sail with a pair of paddles aboard (needed for the Three Rivers Race as you weren't allowed to use a motor to get under the bridges) but I am keeping those as I am expecting to replace Just 17 with a Canadian canoe. I am also keeping the kettle that you see in a couple of the photos, simply because I've become used to it decorating the stove in our kitchen.)


I am asking £1,550 for Just 17. I really do believe she is worth it!


If you would like to arrange a viewing or ask me anything about Just 17 email me (click on my username to reach a screen where you can do that) or give me a call on 01692 580268 or text me on 07810 137263

Greg Chapman
GregAfloat - My Boating Biography
Perry Perry
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Re: Just 17 #267: Nr Stalham, Norfolk


She is a beautiful boat and I wish you had been selling her when we bought ours 4 years ago. I aspire to have mine in as nice condition.

Whoever gets her is lucky, especially at the price you are asking.

Hope you will keep the website going even if the boat is gone.

All the best

GregSeaHawk GregSeaHawk
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Re: Just 17 #267: Nr Stalham, Norfolk

Thanks for the kind remarks, Perry.

Web site maintenance continues to be a main hobby, so I have no plans to drop support for the SeaHawk site. Hopefully, the only difference folk will see is a lack of new photographs from me.

I'll try and take close ups of everything imaginable before she goes!
Greg Chapman
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Perry Perry
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Re: Just 17 #267: Nr Stalham, Norfolk

Sounds good. I use the pictures on the site as inspiration for my Seahawk.