SOLD - Mara: Petersfield, Hampshire

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SOLD - Mara: Petersfield, Hampshire

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Just spotted on eBay!

There's a wonderfully full description of the boat and its history, including the story of a mast repair, made after a huge poplar tree fell on the boat in January 2007 while with her previous owner Tim Flynn in Scotland.

You can read more about that on the now locked SeaHawk17 YahooGroup. One positive thing about the YahooGroup was that it has a really splendid "Photos" area - many of them are incorporated in the current site - though it takes some time for the 2007 images to appear as it has to load all the later photos dating from 2010 first!

I like guys who really show what you are buying and the reference to the old incident and picture of the current state of the cockpit lockers gives you confidence that the seller is honest about the boat. I hope he gets a good price!
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