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Scott Finnie

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Hi everyone

Such a pleasure to find a unique old school online forum that after scouring through has endless friendly information

I'm Scott and from Edinburgh Scotland. I have just purchased a Seahawk and will upload photos and more information about it once i have sailed her the 250 odd miles home in this not so toasty winter. I shall be posting some questions shortly no doubt

Kindest Regards
GregSeaHawk GregSeaHawk
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Re: Scott Finnie

Welcome to the forum, Scott!

You'll see I've taken the liberty editing your subject line, to follow the standard format on the forum, and so it's easy for folk to find you in the alphabetical list of registered users. I hope you don't mind.

With a full name I can upgrade you to "Member" which means you should now be able to post in most areas of the forum. The Help Desk is the place to ask specific questions about SeaHawks and where to sail them. Treat the General Discussion is supposed to be much more relaxed any almost anything is "on-topic" that vaguely related to sailing there.

Of course, most people two their boats, when there's 250 miles involved. I'm intrigued to know about the boat you've bought and look forward to reading about your voyage home. I have some information about on what is probably half the total fleet and often a photograph or two as well, that may be of interest.

Do read the FAQ on Images. This forum has a somewhat "quaint" way of handling such things, which does tend to confuse newcomers.

Fair winds!
Greg Chapman
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