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Shroud Length

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Hi Brian,

On 06 Oct 10 02:33 "b" <> said:
> What is the standard size cable used for the shroud on the seahawk?

I measured the shouds I took off my boat when I replaced the standing
rigging this afternoon. The cable was 3mm.

As far as I could tell and trying to allow for kinks in the cable, my
shrouds were 16' and 9'3" long.
> When I removed the chain plates to paint my boat I could see that a
> previous owner had moved the plates down. At the time I bought the
> boat the shroud (standing rigging) was already to long to be
> tightened with the turnbuckles. I can only assume that the cable has
> stretched?

I'd prefer to believe that he lowered the plates to accommodate his
turnbuckles - and got it wrong.  As far as I know all Reedcraft built
boats came off the line with cord used to secure the shrouds. As noted

Where that pages says: "Jeckells, the sailmakers who supplied the
Dyneema cord seen here", it should say "the Dyneema cord and new
Greg Chapman
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