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Want a SeaHawk Calendar?

Hi Gang,

I was browsing in Roys of Wroxham yesterday when I came across this calendar.
Beautiful Norfolk 2012 Calendar
The SeaHawk in the foreground of this view of Horsey Dyke is "Cockle" (BA registration: K146).

I recall that she used to be unnamed and had a mooring behind the Pleasure Boat Inn at Hickling, (not sure if it was the Parsh moorings or at Whispering reeds yard). She was sold a few years ago. It was after that she acquired the name Cockle. I don't recall ever having come across the owner (past or present), but my memory tells me another SeaHawk owner was involved in moving the boat to the brokers when she came to be sold. I wish I could recall who.

Does anyone know of other SeaHawks that have pride of place on the cover of a published work?
Greg Chapman
GregAfloat - My Boating Biography