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Jib furling gear? yay or nay or neither better nor worse? My little Seahawk has a furling jib and I have been practicing raising and lowering the mast ready for my first trip of the year, My old boat had a hanked jib and I found this a easy procedure,my seahawk however has a furling jib, I am...
in General Discussion by 2011venator — 18 replies in thread
Hello, Did you manage to get a good furling jib for your boat. what did you buy? I am asking because i am looking to buy it for my boat Sunny. Thanks for your reply. Happy sailing, Elly
in Help Desk by Elly — 25 replies in thread
Hi Stuart As someone who sails on the sea, I find a furling jib better than a hanked on sail for the simple reason that it can be reefed almost instantly - very useful as the winds in Lyme Bay can go from almost nothing to force 6+ very quickly! Even with the jib half furled and a deep reef in...
in General Discussion by brian johnson — 18 replies in thread
Hi Stuart We use a furling system on our jib on the Broads. We find it very useful when mooring and getting ready to go under bridges, and we put the jib away in the cabin rolled up between sails. It doesn't have a pole because that would make things difficult when lowering the mast so we can't use it to reef the jib, but we've never felt the need. Victoria Sent from my iPad
in General Discussion by Marsh Marigold — 18 replies in thread
Hi I have been given a furling jib with a nearly new sail but it is too long. Has anybody raised the forestry higher up the mast, it looks like there is another fitting at the top of the mast but have not lowered the mast to have a look. Thanks Ben
in Help Desk by SeaHawk215 — 25 replies in thread
Just this one with a jib pole. We only use the pole when goose winging before the wind. The disc at the top in the other picture is actually a metal ash tray to stop the sail getting wound into the forestay when furling. It didn’t come with the kit.
in Help Desk by Marsh Marigold — 25 replies in thread
Here are some pictures of our jib furling (not reefing) system. There are several so you can see both parts from above and below. As far as I remember it all came as a kit, apart from the big disc (ashtray!) which is used as a spreader to stop the forestay getting twisted into the furled sail...
in General Discussion by Marsh Marigold — 18 replies in thread
Hi Thomas, Going back to Perry's note on roller reefing not really being needed for a Seahawk, I think I agree with this without having much experience on the matter. My main objective is to have a roller furling so that it is easy to get the jib in and out + the storage advantage. Just a minor...
in Help Desk by GregSeaHawk — 25 replies in thread
Thanks for all your replies, after looking i think you are right in having the sail adjusted to fit. You may also be right in just a top and bottom swivel as the link above as i assume you mean as the foil may be too big, i also assume you need a wire between top and bottom swivel?
in Help Desk by SeaHawk215 — 25 replies in thread
Thanks Greg. Here are the two parts of the furling kit, with the top section in the sail lowered position.
in Help Desk by Marsh Marigold — 25 replies in thread
Hi Brian Do you have a picture showing where you have attached additional eyes on the cabin roof for various degree of furling? Best regards, Thomas (Hardbob)
in Help Desk by hardbob — 25 replies in thread
... the Seahawk, the main point of furling is to put it away, not to reduce sail. It’s so small that you are v unlikely to use a half rolled jib to reduce sail, so don’t need a foil to keep the luff in shape. As such, I’m not sure I’d even bother with a foil. You can just use a furler and a wire...
in Help Desk by Perry — 25 replies in thread
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