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Hi, my name is Charles.

My family and I live in Bedfordshire but we have a chalet in Hemsby, Norfolk, and have fallen in love with sailing on the Norfolk Broads, particularly the northern Broads.

Years ago I sailed a variety of dinghies on the North Norfolk coast as well as various inland lakes but didn't do any sailing for several years.

I currently own a Topper Cruz ketch-rigged sailing dinghy which I'll be selling and hope to purchase a Seahawk shortly.

My first introduction to them was up around Blakeney and they always looked "right" as a sailing boat. Any boat that you see in quantity on that coast can be presumed to be a safe choice. My non-sailor wife, having been in a Yeoman hire boat a couple of times last year - very much likes the idea of something a bit more comfortable and stable. The Seahawk would allow comfy cockpit cushions, with the privacy to have a chemical loo, she must be one of the few who look at a Seahawk as pure luxury!

I'm in touch with a potential seller at the moment, but if anyone else is looking to sell please feel free to drop me a line with the details, Norfolk Broads location preferred.

Anyway, greetings to you all and I'll try to remember to post the details if/when I manage to purchase a Seahawk.