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Hi, My name is Steve I live in Norfolk and keep my Sea Hawk “Teal” on the Norfolk Broads.
Me and my 7 year old daughter love camping out in her and exploring all the quite shallow corners of Hickling and Horsey. Teal is absolutely perfect for this type of adventure...Can’t wait again for the weather to turn for the overnight adventures again...We could do with a good set of sails if anyone has any spare to sell.

Be grateful for any info on modifications for camping like a boom tent.

Kind regards


Looking for to hearing or seeing you out👍

GregSeaHawk GregSeaHawk
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Re: Steve Heggs

Welcome to the forum Steve!

I recognise that distinctive sign writing! See:
I also recognise the location of your photograph. The closest match I have is probably found here:

And if you haven't got there yet let us know how your venture on this dyke goes when you make it:

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